For people to return to work safely, employers must consider what measures they are going to put in place to protect their employees. By doing so, employers can increase productivity and help their business to get back on track.

Frequent screening and testing for COVID-19 is an essential strategy that should be implemented across businesses in the UK. While other measures such as introducing sanitising stations and social distancing within the workplace can benefit employees, these are not always practical. For instance, social distancing may not be possible, and sanitising products may be expensive or in limited supply.

Furthermore, COVID-19 testing can differentiate between the coronavirus and colds and flu. Now that lockdown measures have been eased, infections may rise within groups of people who are in close contact with each other. Without testing, it will be difficult to determine who has COVID-19 and must self-isolate.

How can we help?

At COVID-19 Test, we offer a rapid COVID-19 tests that can yield results within 48 hours.

We will provide you with all the components that you will need, including swabs, plastic tubes and pre-paid postage envelopes. Organisations can choose whether they want to do a one-off test or impose a system of regular testing.

Moreover, organisations can choose between PCR tests and antibody tests. PCR tests can determine if a person is currently infected with the coronavirus, whereas the antibody test can establish if a person has previously had COVID-19.

Samples are examined by medical professionals and clients will receive official documentation from the government accredited laboratories that we have partnered with.

Who are COVID-19 Test?

COVID-19 Test are part of a group of companies that own multiple cosmetic clinics across the UK. We have recently expanded our medical services and partnered with UKAS accredited laboratories to be able to assist organisations in protecting their workforces from COVID-19.

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