First of all we would like to thank you for your order and for helping us to protect the general public and the NHS against the coronavirus. The kits you have ordered will be dispatched the next working day so you should receive these on the third day from your order date. In preparation for receiving your test kits you will find below a list of points for you to familiarise yourself with beforehand. These points will give you a good understanding of what to do once receiving your test kits.


Once placing your order your kits will be sent out the next working day. You should receive these no later than the third day from your order date.

Once you receive your test kits please ensure you check them to ensure nothing is missing.

Before taking the blood sample read the instructions and follow them carefully so you collect the sample correctly.

Once the sample is obtained place this in the pre paid envelope provided in your kit.

Post your kit directly to the Pathology lab using the pre paid envelope provided.

The Pathology lab will receive your sample the next working day.

Within 48 hours of you posting the sample a member of our team will be in touch via telephone and email to provide you with the result. Our team will then provide you with additional information should this be required.

Please note, we may have to report your test results to the relevant authorities if deemed necessary. Therefore, we ask your permission to retain their personal details should the government request results. Please be assured that personal details will be kept safe in line with GDPR.

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